Supporting Partnerships

Insure Equality aims to be the connector and amplifier of experienced voices. We do not pretend to be the experts in this space. In fact, we feel far from it. Instead we seek to partner with organizations that provide vital inclusion tools and services. Our goal is to build a diverse ecosystem of safe and supportive companies, people and resources working together to make the insurance industry a more welcoming place.

Announcing Our Latest Partner!

“An internet search often provides people with addresses, phone numbers, or, more perilously for the trans community, dead names. 2021 was the deadliest year for gender-diverse people, and 2022 has not changed that narrative,” said Elisa Stampf, CEO & Co-Founder of Insure Equality. “Our entire executive team is in the LGBTQ+ community, and this message, this product, hits home for us uniquely. Additionally, members of our team have been subject to various forms of violence, another reason to be able to keep your information private.”

This partnership will help provide the vital inclusion tools and services organizations need to better serve the LGBTQ+ community and cultivate a workplace environment with safe and supportive spaces, programs and offices for LGBTQ+ employees. 

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OneRep is a technology company that automates the removal of unauthorized private listings from the web to help people restore privacy. For businesses, OneRep is offered as an employee benefit to help employees or customers stay private online, leading to safety in real life.

"People-search sites want you on their platform as they sell your information for profit. Therefore, these sites make it very hard for you to “opt-out” or remove yourself...Few people can afford this kind of time, or the alternative: hiring someone else to do the opt-outs manually. As a result, privacy becomes a luxury reserved for privileged groups."

- Aksana Serhiyenia, Head of Product


Pay Equity Assessment

As a woman-owned business committed to living and breathing DEI within our own organization, ATHENA is passionate about helping clients embed Equity into all elements of their processes, procedures and practices. Signing the IE pledge was a no-brainer for ATHENA Founder, Adrienne Ostroff, as she believes that Insure Equality’s mission is spot on with what the industry needs.

ATHENA specializes in consulting across actuarial services and workforce analytics, bringing their own collaborative and personable flair to a traditionally “old school” niche. They are proud to have officially launched their own proprietary suite of tools – ATHENA Equity Analytics – designed to harness the power of organizations’ HR data to provide insights into the forces driving disparities across pay, hiring, attrition and promotions.

To honor the pledge-signers commitment, ATHENA Equity Analytics is offering a special discount on two of their Equity solutions:

  • ATHENA Equity Report - Released annually, this report summarizes key changes in legislation that every HR, and DEI professional should be aware of in order to foster a compliant, equitable pay environment for employees and protect their organization from legal risk. 

This downloadable report will be available to the public for $149, and at a special discounted price of $99 for IE pledge-signers. It will be released Spring 2022.


  • ATHENA Pay Equity Assessment - Committed to putting the "Equity" in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion? Pay equity audits should be an annual exercise to proactively identify and remediate pay equity issues. ATHENA has designed a robust proprietary model which takes into account demographic-neutral variables (i.e. level, tenure, etc) and identifies pay equity issues across the population. 

IE pledge-signers receive a 5% discount on this assessment, plus, an additional 5% of all proceeds purchased by IE pledge-signers will be donated towards the IE mission. Do good for your community while doing right by your employees.  


Translation Services to Increase Accessibility

  • Utilize certified translators that are qualified in more than 170 languages (including American Sign Language, ASL) for your marketing, education, prospecting, and customer service needs
  • Outsource staffing to expand your client service capabilities
  • Simplify and amplify your recruiting process

See the unique services Akorbi is offering Insure Equality supporters by clicking below, or view and print a PDF of the offering by clicking here.

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Language Services to Insure Equality

Professional Development & Team Alignment Coaching

Take a Strategic Look at Yourself or Your Team

Look critically at who you've become through your past successes and identify what that means about where you are headed. Focus on your strengths, weaknesses, self awareness, current and future goals with these individual professional development coaching resources and classes. The goal is to build a plan for you to reach your full potential as your true self.

Alignment Ally also helps teams come together in a workshop setting to deep dive into their dynamics, communication, recognition, and goal setting.

Antonio Javar

Antonio Javar is a dynamic keynote speaker and the author of The Center: How Our Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs Shape Our Destiny. Antonio helps individuals improve their psychology, increase emotional intelligence, tap into internal inspiration, and break through mental limitations. Through his weekly Inspired Living emails and Youtube channel, Antonio delivers powerful, valuable, and actionable messages that encourages his readers and viewers to thrive through the challenges of life no matter what. Antonio has been speaking since the age of nine and has spoken for several companies including BET, Verizon Wireless, The YMCA, and New York Urban League Young Professionals.

For IE supporters, Antonio is offering one-on-one guided meditation sessions, mindset consulting, and his free guide How to Win Your Morning in Order To Win Your Day.

Antonio Javar Book Cover
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Inclusive Therapists

Announcing IE's latest partner: Inclusive Therapists. Seeking therapy can be a vulnerable process. Inclusive Therapists aim to make it simpler and safer to find a culturally responsive, 2SLGBTQ+ affirming therapist that celebrates your full identity. In their words, "All people with all abilities in all bodies deserve equal access to identity affirming, culturally responsive care." 

Whatever your reason for seeking help, it should never be an extra burden to find the therapist you connect with most. Check out Inclusive Therapists for affirming care that centers on you and your experiences.

Lawanda "Elle Michell" Hall Headshot

Intelligent Intentions

Elle Michell's intention in all areas of her life are to #LiveLove, #SpeakLife and #FreePeople. As an entrepreneur, she lives these intentions via coaching, risk management consulting and insurance training in and/or adjacent to the insurance and entertainment industries.  Her primary coaching foci are confidence and transitions.

Contact her here:


Our tagline, HR that Makes a Difference™, defines what we do. It emphasizes that human resources is a key driver of growth and contributes to a business’s bottom line. This is what sets Insperity apart.

Insperity has a long history of improving the success equation of small and midsize businesses across the country – because when businesses succeed, communities prosper.

And in today’s changing business environment, it’s our privilege to take care of an organization’s most valuable asset: its people.

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Photo of Dr. Barbara Ford Shabazz

Live Your Truth, Intentionally

Dr. Shabazz is the author of Intentional Balance, and the owner of Intentional Activities. For over 25+ years, she has served students, clients, and the larger community as an instructor, advisor, speaker, consultant, therapist, and coach. Her goal with Intentional Activities is to tap into the inherent strengths of each client, equipping them with the tools necessary to live a more action-oriented and authentic life.

She helps personal and executive clients:

  • Disrupt negativity
  • Discover personal meaning
  • Achieve goals and intentional balance

IE supporters can find further resources, courses, and community at the Intentional Activities Academy: a membership space for a deeper dive into truth.

Lauren Ruth Martin

Lauren Ruth Martin is a licensed professional counselor (LPC-MHSP), keynote speaker, podcast host, and workshop trainer, discussing over control, burnout, and perfectionism to colleges and companies of all sizes, including the American Association for Justice, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Belmont University, Dell, University of Florida, Ollie Pets, and Axios.

She is offering a free workshop to Pledge Signers (suggested donation amount for Non-Pledge Signers) this Summer! Her workshops have been known to give new language to the burnout experience and offer practical strategies to shift the culture. Space is limited and will be first-come-first-serve, so be sure to pre-register today!

In the meantime, we encourage you to check out the 9tokind Challenge: a weekly commitment to tackle avoidance, increase self compassion, and incorporate leisure into our daily lives. Join the 9tokind Accountability Group on LinkedIn!

Lauren Ruth Martin Workshop Coming Soon
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Lead at Any Level

IE has partnered with Lead at Any Level to provide an online learning platform that offers skill-building resources, workshops, and coursework for inclusive leaders at any professional level. Work at your own pace, anytime, from your computer, phone, or tablet. Learn skills such as providing constructive feedback, creating learning cultures, hiring beyond bias, building strong professional networks online, and more. Earn Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM Certification Program (SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®) and Affiliate Rewards as you go. We've listed a few sample courses to the right. To see the full coursework, click below.

Anonymous Workplace Reporting Platform

Speakfully gives employees a safe, supportive way to speak up, and empowers employers with data and analytics to act. 

Speakfully and Insure Equality are partnering to create a comprehensive certification program for organizations. Click here for a preview of the program! 

In the meantime, Speakfully is offering a free program, SpeakfullyOne, to help you document uncomfortable experiences in life or at work and access supportive resources.

Together, Speakfully and Insure Equality want to help organizations develop a corporate environment where employees feel safe and heard. And help individuals advocate for themselves if/when the time comes.