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Videos & Podcasts

Come As You Are: Episode 4

Watch our latest "Come As You Are" video with Antonio Javar, a dynamic keynote speaker and the author of The Center: How Our Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs Shape Our Destiny. Antonio has spoken for several companies, including BET, Verizon Wireless, The YMCA, and New York Urban League Young Professionals.

For IE supporters, Antonio is offering one-on-one guided meditation sessions, mindset consulting, and his free guide: How to Win Your Morning in Order To Win Your Day.

Inclusive Behaviors in Insurance

Join Insure Equality and listen to this great conversation about inclusive behaviors in the insurance industry. Moderated by PJ Calzadilla-Ortiz, you'll hear from Dr. Michelle Morkert, Precious Norman-Walton, and Raghu Sundara. They talk about the current state of insurance and DEI&B and what we can all do to participate in the conversation. It's a must-watch.

Come As You Are: Episode 3

Join Elisa Stampf, President and Co-Founder of Insure Equality, as she talks bias with Aree Bly from Alignment Ally in this latest episode of Come As You Are.

Alignment Ally also helps teams and individuals come together in a workshop setting to deep dive into their dynamics, communication, recognition, and goal setting. Look critically at who you've become through your past successes and identify what that means about where you are headed.

Come As You Are: Episode 2

Our theme this episode is bias and bullying, and we found an incredible advocate for those that have experienced bullying: Andi Long. Join Elisa Stampf, President and Co-Founder of Insurance Equality, and Andi Long, Executive Director and Founder of the Bloom Foundation as they dig deep into the topic and figure out how to come together to work through it and bloom! To check out the Bloom Foundation, visit their website at, and see them featured on IE's website with other amazing orgs here:

Come As You Are: Episode 1

We are doubling down on "your story, your voice," starting with an honest conversation between two insurance professionals about fear and navigating the workplace. Join Elisa Stampf, President and Co-Founder of Insurance Equality, and Sarah Muniz, author of Undiscovered Voices, as they share their stories of facing difficulties in the workplace.

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  • To learn more ways to manage discomfort when identifying bias, connect with the speaker Crystal Whiteaker at
  • To learn more about networking on LinkedIn please contact the speaker, Andrea Yacub Macek, by email at You can also Follow + connect with her on LinkedIn for daily career and networking tips.
IE Mental Health Panel 8.18.22

Mental Health & Burnout in the Workplace

This mental health panel will address key questions regarding burnout in the workplace geared toward both employers and employees. Panelists include mental health experts and insurance professionals with first-hand burnout experience.

Walk away with answers to questions such as:

  1. What are the symptoms, or key indicators, that you’re nearing burnout?

  2. How can you support a team member (as a manager or as a colleague) when someone is experiencing burnout?

  3. How do you communicate burnout to your managers?

  4. How do you go about setting boundaries to prevent burnout?

  5. How do you navigate a situation when you’ve voiced you’re overwhelmed and don’t receive the appropriate support?

  6. Define a culture of burnout and what can organizations do to mitigate it?

  7. Allyship is crucial to improving our world. What can we make sure we’re doing to stop perpetuating a culture of burnout?

Boundaries Without Guilt

With Lauren Ruth Martin, LPC-MHSP

A candid and collaborative conversation on what gets in the way of boundary setting and how to work through it.  Gain skills to address the mindset and execution of setting & maintaining boundaries.

This is a video recording of the event that occurred on July 21, 2022.

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