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As an individual there is a lot you can do to pressure, persuade, and hold the insurance industry accountable; both as an employee and as a consumer. You can share your story, rate a company online, subscribe to stay active, donate to the cause, and volunteer to make a difference.

Share Your Story with Insure Equality

Share Your Story

We want to create a space for people to anonymously share their stories, build awareness, quantify experiences, and develop a supportive community.

These are stories you can read and share to feel inspired, heard, and supported. If you don't feel like you can speak out about what is happening at work, here is where you can have a voice. Please note, only stories with expressed permission from the author will be posted to our site, social media, and newsletter.

Insure Equality will compile commonalities (i.e. data points to use with partnering research companies) and develop more actionable insights into what we all feel every day. Based on your stories, we will use data to hone in on where our resources will make the most impact.


Rate A Company

We want to take reviews to a deeper level with your help. Instead of just a simple star rating or a scale of 1 to 100, we have partnered with psychologists and diversity, equity and inclusion experts to put together a more intentional Q&A that gets to the heart of company culture.

The rating takes only a few minutes, but can be used to help future job seekers and potential insurance customers just like you. Let your experiences create a more genuine guide for others to follow. Help us shine a light on the points of pride and the areas of improvement to develop roadmaps for cultural change.

Rate Your Insurance Company with Insure Equality
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Stay In The Know

Want to stay inspired and up-to-date? Subscribe to Insure Equality's e-newsletter to follow us on our journey. Learn from our industry partners, hear stories from people across the country, get media recommendations from our board and executive team, and be the first to hear about our research.

Here's where your money makes a difference:

  • Supports research in the industry to fill in knowledge gaps, show the monetary effects of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and shine a light on areas of growth
  • Develops a culture check rating mechanism to help the industry create a better environment for everyone that chooses to call this industry home. See our section on Medusa for more information.
  • Fosters partnerships and programs to help us all learn - see our section on the Speakfully Certification for more information.
Donate to Help Create Corporate Culture Change

Take Part in the Action

Insure Equality has volunteer and internship opportunities available! Do you prefer to advocate from home? No problem, join forces with Insure Equality by becoming a brand ambassador. Whether you take a poll, subscribe to our newsletter, or donate funds, we are glad you are here. Help us spread the word near and far!