Rise. Change. Repeat.

The foundation of IE resides in uplifting voices and working collaboratively with experts and innovators in and outside of the industry to make the largest impact. As a result, we want to give pathways for you to learn about other aligned organizations working through alternative routes of change. We encourage you to check out their websites and see how you can make an impact today.

Multicultural Stories

At IE, we're all about letting people tell their stories in their voices. We also know that change, doing better, and doing good neither has an expiration date nor a completion date. In the spirit of our tech rater: phoenix™, we're taking a note from the mythological bird to remind ourselves that we can and should rise; once we've learned more, we should change and repeat that process throughout our lifetimes.

In the spirit of this vital work, we know we can't (nor should we) do everything. There are incredible organizations out in the world - we've met several! We created a Rise. Change. Repeat. page to honor these organizations and their work.

If you like our work, want to do more, or want to find an org that speaks to your values, check out this page, donate/volunteer with these organizations, and repeat!

Bloom Foundation

Bloom Foundation is a 501c3 organization helping girls grow through challenges to build emotional resilience and bloom with confidence as leaders.

I started Bloom Foundation after reflecting on experiencing bullying when I was in middle school. I wished there was a safe and supportive space to help me grow through what I was going through so I started Bloom Foundation, where our programs are designed to reflect seasons of growing and blooming after adversity. The name Bloom came from the quote I heard once, "They tried to bury us but they didn't know we were seeds." Experiencing bullying can be so isolating and hard alone but I believe that with empathy and compassion, we can create a kinder world together.

Andi Kay | Founder & Executive Director
Bloom Foundation
14721 Jeffrey Road #282, Irvine, CA 92620


PowerUp.org is proud to be partnering with Insure Equality because our missions are aligned in making sure more youth from underrepresented and underserved communities have access to the resources they need to be successful.

For more than 10 years, at #PowerUp.org we are dedicated to bridging the digital divide by providing early childhood-to-career programs aimed at inspiring and educating students from underrepresented and underserved communities to learn how to code and pursue careers in computer science. Our mission is to ensure that all children—especially those at risk of being left behind—have the resources and the opportunities they need to grow up healthy and lead productive lives. The motivation behind PowerUp.org is to raise the profile of technology education to young children. PowerUp.org is a non-profit organization exempt from federal income taxation under IRS 501(c)3.

The Purple Campaign

The Purple Campaign is building a broad coalition of diverse stakeholders to address sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. The organization works to implement stronger corporate policies, establish better laws, and empower people to create lasting change within their own workplaces and communities.

They do this through:

  • Corporate Engagement
  • Helping to Establish Laws & Policy
  • Providing Tools & Resources for Engagement & Action

Learn how to get involved in the fight to end workplace sexual harassment.

The Safe at Work Policy

Today's workplace is inequitable and unsafe - activists and the MeToo Movement have shined a light on the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault at work. Unchecked sexual violence at work is fundamentally enabled by deeply flawed insurance policies; as things stand, insurance protects its corporate clients by defending them preemptively against potential lawsuits, so that when employee reports experiencing sexual assault, insurance is structured to take action against the survivor (a potential claimant,) thus siding with the offending employee. However, insurance has the potential to align a company's interests and brand equity with the safety and wellbeing of its employees. The Safe at Work Policy is structured to change any existing insurance policies to do exactly that, revolutionizing the workplace for good and at scale.

The Fitzlane Project

The FitzLane Project provides funding to underprivileged transgender youth in the Greater Tampa Bay Florida area for LGBTQIA+ specialized therapeutic services at the mental health provider of their choice.

Therapeutic services are of paramount importance to the mental and physical well-being of many of the individuals that make up the LGBTQIA+ community. These services can potentially help individuals navigate the trying process of finding and accepting themselves, coming out to their families and society, and dealing with many of the unfortunate negative interactions that come from outdated social norms and prejudices.

Due to the nature of therapeutic services overall and the specialized nature of these services as it relates to the LGBTQIA+ community, it is not always an affordable or reasonable option for these at risk youth. The FitzLane Project will address this issue by facilitating more access to these services through providing financial support for these individuals most at risk to receive these vital services through a network of certified therapist/mental health counselors who share our vision.

Trans Rally

Trans Rally Benefits Breakdown

Trans Rally is a membership organization that connects transgender professionals and allies in order to support each other through mutual aid. This may take the form of job training, mock interviews, services, or even job referrals.

Secondarily, it also provides a platform for organizations to source talent from the community.