Support Equity and Inclusion in the Insurance Industry.

We are proudly nonprofit. Meaning, we are not here to sell a specific product or service. Instead, we rely on donations to build an inclusive community of experts, resources, and opportunities that make the industry a more welcoming place for everyone who chooses to consume or work in insurance. 

Your donation will be used to:

  1. Build technology that creates accountability to employers for their treatment of employees;
  2. Create practical and attainable resources for insurance companies of any size and budget to implement DEI policies and procedures;
  3. Provide safe and seamless avenues for individuals to find support and take meaningful action;
  4. Develop research that can, and will, inform change in our industry;
  5. Support the overall mission and growth of the Insure Equality community.

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Create Cultural Change

By supporting IE, you're making the research and the resources possible while we all learn, grow, and create change together. By providing a one time gift or recurring donation, you are joining a community working towards equality in insurance. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to work in an environment that supports them for who they are.

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