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Publicly display your commitment to equality and accountability by signing our pledge, joining the waitlist to get a pulse on your current corporate culture and, together, creating an actionable plan to improve employee and consumer experiences.

Companies can sign an equality pledge with Insure Equality

Sign the Pledge

Companies that care about creating and fostering a culture of equality and accountability can show their commitment by taking the Insure Equality pledge. The pledge is a public declaration of your dedication to an open and inclusive work environment.

Why Should You Sign?

  1. Sales: Millennial and Gen Z consumers intently focus on purchasing from companies that align with their passions. Corporate responsibility is now one of the top aspects potential clients search for when shopping insurance. Signing the pledge gives you a straightforward way to display your stance on equity.
  2. Retention: It is already difficult to find and keep good producers and CSRs. Differentiate yourself in the marketplace by shining a light on your supportive culture and attract talent to your front door.

Get Certified

Whether you are an agency of just a few people or a large corporate carrier, it pays to keep a pulse on your company culture. The certification process, through our partnership with Speakfully, is an affordable and non-invasive way to: 

  1. Evaluate the current state of your employee satisfaction
  2. Create an action plan based on discovered areas of improvement
  3. Deliver that plan to your employees
  4. And have your staff rate your company online

Do you want an easy place to start when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion at your company? Insure Equality and Speakfully have the roadmap ready-made for you.

Start the Speakfully and Insure Equality Certification Program
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Donate to Cultural Change

Your donation helps to keep our lights on as we work with this industry as a collaborator. Here's where your money makes a difference:

  • Supports research in the industry to fill in knowledge gaps, show the monetary effects of equity and inclusion, and shine a light on areas where we all need to improve
  • Develops a culture check rating mechanism to help the industry create a better environment for everyone that chooses to call this industry home. - see our section on Medusa for more information.
  • Fosters partnerships and programs to help us all learn - see our section on the Speakfully Certification for more information.
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Insure Equality

Partner with Insure Equality

We are always on the look out for new partners to help make a larger impact on the industry at large. Whether you are doing work directly related to DEI, organizational culture, and strategic planning, or an Insurtech or Insurance company looking to make a difference, we want to work with you. We can amplify each other and further the mission even more by joining together.