Pledge to Uphold Equity in Your Company

The Pledge is your chance as a company in insurance to make a public declaration of commitment to equity and cultural change. Making this public declaration is important because it tells your customers, employees, and constituents about your values.

What Signing the Pledge Says About You

The power of employee satisfaction

To Employees:

  • Show current employees that their differences are a strength in your organization, that their voice matters, and that you're willing to go from coasting to collaborating on cultural change. Be active in your advocacy!
  • Show potential employees that you value inclusion and are willing to push your industry forward. They are welcome in your company, and you have their back! Be the company of choice!
Consumer Buying Power Icon

To Consumers:

  • Show your willingness to take a stand on issues that matter to your consumers. Younger generations care about where they purchase their goods and services. Be that company that walks their talk!
  • Show your fellow constituents in the industry that valuing people over profits takes us all further. We can make a change in this industry if we do it together. Be the change!

What Happens When I Sign the Pledge?

What happens after you sign the IE Pledge

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    Companies can sign an equality pledge with Insure Equality


    Sample Pledge


    As a company in the insurance industry, we take a stand against inequities within our organization, and within our industry. As we sign this declaration, we commit to:

    • Cultivating an open and inclusive culture for employees to feel comfortable coming forward when an incident occurs
    • Believing the person coming forward, investigating the incident, and taking appropriate disciplinary action based on the findings
    • Not forcing or mandating confidentiality for the person coming forward
    • Removing relationships and cutting contracts with companies that cause harm

    We [   ] sign this declaration of commitment to ensure equity is a core tenant of our culture and practice in the insurance industry. We commit to call out harm and remove it from our ranks and relationships.

    While we at IE cannot hold you personally responsible, your employees and customers can hold you accountable through our (soon-to-be-released) phoenix. Signing the Pledge will highlight your company on the rater, showcase your commitment, and give you more review management opportunities. Employees and customers alike can choose to support entities in our industry that uphold their commitment to systemic change.

    The Pledge in 2021 is not a "one and done." It is our baseline for change and merely the beginning. Each year we plan to add a level to showcase your commitment to moving forward.

    IE pledges to continue pushing, learning, and growing with you and adjusting when we need to. Thank you for going on this journey with us!

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