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Refocus over Resolutions

By stampfe | January 23, 2023

As we slowly ease into 2023, we are taking time to pause, reflect, and refocus. 2022 was such a big year for us! We launched phoenix™, and we won an award for it while still in beta. We touched half of the United States and even went international with a footprint in Canada. Yet, we … Read more

Q&A with Our Latest IE Pledge Signer: MCJ Partners

By meghanbeachlang | October 18, 2022

Recently, we sat down with Mary Clare McGraw, CIC, Co-Founder at MCJ Partners to get the inside scoop into her company and reasons for signing The IE Pledge. Why did you sign the IE Pledge? I signed the pledge because our mission is to help insurance agencies create operations awareness and cultivate happiness and that … Read more

woman planting tree

Authenticity in the Workplace

By pjco811 | September 19, 2022

“Bring your authentic self.” In the last few years, that has been a phrase to rise in popularity for many in the workplace, communities, gatherings, and more. While often well-intentioned, it may be a difficult newness to navigate for a lot of folks, especially for those historically excluded from doing so in the past.  Let’s … Read more

A Brief Synopsis of Latinx Heritage Month

By pjco811 | September 14, 2022

Latinx Heritage Month or Hispanic Heritage Month (government designation) is celebrated between September 15 – October 15 to recognize and honor the impactful contributions of Latinx Americans on United States’ history.  This month helps celebrate the many heritages and cultures that encompass Latin America and learn about its breadth and diversity. At IE, we’ve chosen … Read more

Why don’t we talk about getting it wrong?

By stampfe | August 16, 2022

We spend ample time, energy, and money figuring out how to do it right. Countless companies sell you “the next best thing” or “fail-proof” software and services. Yet often, our best learnings come from pretty big mistakes. So why don’t we talk about them? As a marketing rep for a national company, I took over … Read more

Rules of Engagement: How to best work as a team?

By stampfe | July 20, 2022

What are they, and why should we talk about them? Defining Rules of Engagement You typically see the term “rules of engagement” used in military lingo, but what exactly is it? Rules of engagement are a set of rules, orders, or procedures that are put in place so that everyone knows what is expected, what … Read more

Making Strides: A short guide on incorporating inclusivity as an individual.

By stampfe | July 8, 2022

Add your pronouns Why this is important: Not everyone physically reflects the pronouns they represent. More importantly, it’s a way to show respect. Adding your pronouns to your email signature, your social media profiles, and your video conferencing tools takes the guesswork out and opens the space for others to add their pronouns.  Add your … Read more


By pjco811 | June 30, 2022

“Our rights:” a phrase that has marked its territory in our lives more and more with each passing year.  We have tremendous privilege when countless “political issues” never touch our front door. It’s easy to watch a protest on television or catch the end of the latest news report and feel distant from how these … Read more

LGBTQIA2S Definitions and Flags

By meghanbeachlang | June 21, 2022

Chances are you’ve probably seen LGBTQ+, LGBTQIA+ or LGBTQIA2S before, but do you know what each of these letters mean? While it’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the identities and orientations in the community, here’s a quick breakdown of the ones included in this acronym and their respective … Read more

Digital Loneliness: Navigating Connection in the “New Normal”

By meghanbeachlang | June 14, 2022

First, a quick disclaimer from IE: We’re delighted to share this perspective with you about wanting the opportunity to work in a physical work environment. An underrepresented viewpoint that’s often left out is that of Gen Z and how they are now starting their careers. You’ll hear from Kiera (an IE volunteer) while she talks … Read more