The Leader’s Inclusivity Toolkit

How do you build a culture that facilitates diversity, provides equity for historically marginalized stakeholders, and creates an inclusive environment (belonging) for all?

Insure Equality (IE) created The Leader’s Inclusivity Toolkit to introduce the key dimensions of culture and provide actionable first steps you can take to integrate and advance DEI&B in your company. This toolkit is that starting point to create tangible, effective steps for better inclusivity understanding.

Get Your Toolkit Today

For a donation amount of your choice, you can download The Leader's Inclusivity Toolkit today! IE runs on donations from supporters like you. Suggested donation amount: $25.

The Toolkit Includes:

  1. An introductory DEI&B glossary of terms
  2. Identity acronyms explained
  3. Important accessibility terms
  4. The different dimensions of culture
  5. Examples of practical DEI&B initiatives, including strategies that can be executed even by solo-preneur and micro-businesses
  6. Additional certification programs to further implement DEI&B practices into your company culture