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Insure Equality wants to ensure companies take action beyond their pledge for an equitable workplace. As a result, we are working with cutting-edge Insurtech developers to build an online rating system that employers and consumers can use to evaluate companies' cultures. The online rater, phoenix, will be more than just an online review.

Preview of phoenix™

You might be thinking, wait a minute - didn't you call this something different like a month ago? Yes, that is correct. So why the name change?

We love the name Medusa and her story; we also wanted to convey a sense of togetherness in what we're doing. In our internal discussions, the phoenix was the mythological character that stayed the closest to this messaging. We've learned it's essential to remain true to your mission, vision, and values in our short history. Getting the name right of our tech product is vital for the individuals rating on it, the companies reviewing it, and the public learning more about insurance and how we operate.

phoenix is well known in Greek mythology for rising from the ashes and symbolizes life after "death," or in this case, a significant change. Change isn't easy, but it certainly does not have to be the "end." phoenix, to us symbolizes how we as an industry can take what we've learned and rebuild to create a better future for all who choose to work, advance, and lead in insurance. No flames or ashes are involved in the survey process, but we hope we can all rise together.

So what is phoenix™? phoenix™ is a culture check on an entity and how their employees (and eventually customers) see the culture of the entities they work and interact with. It's not a judgment of likeability or good or bad, merely a snapshot of how your culture feels at that moment.

As an entity, you will not see a subjective rating mechanism based on whether an employee enjoys(ed) their time with your company. What you will see is their understanding of elements of your culture, such as communication and transparency. Additionally, those entities that sign the pledge will have a unique indicator next to their score to show their commitment to the work. To sign the pledge, click here.

As an employee in the industry, you have the opportunity to assess where your company thrives and where improvement is needed to make it better. phoenix allows you to choose your next company based on similar values, not just their pay level and benefits structure.

As a customer, you have a new element of buying power. You will rate the culture as you interact and choose to work with companies that share your values in treating employees and those they serve.



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