Culture Collaboration Certification

Increase your employee satisfaction, new hire interest, and PR all in one go. Get a snapshot of how your employees view your corporate culture and work towards an improvement plan. Gain better control around the narrative of your reviews and help make a positive impact on insurance. For companies wary of other review sites, this is the one for you.

Use Your Voice to Make Change in Insurance


We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Speakfully - an HR platform that allows anonymous reporting from individuals and data analytics for companies. Check out Speakfully's website here to sign up and learn about their platform.

Our partnership with Speakfully will allow employers to dive into their organization, gather data, and create action items to improve their employees' experience.

In collaboration with our rater: phoenix, we will give entities a chance to preview their employees' rates, get feedback on areas of improvement, and start to do the work all before their phoenix is publicly available.

Companies that work through Speakfully Certification will receive an indicator on phoenix (just like signing the pledge).

We are collaborating with professionals of all kinds to make this experience enlightening, educational, and effective.

Expect the certification process to be live in the first half of 2022. By joining the waitlist, you will be first in line to start the certification process and help us develop a meaningful program. You will also receive periodic updates on our progress as we work to roll this out for you.

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