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Insure Equality (IE) is a nonprofit that seeks to create and enforce accountability in the insurance industry in the pursuit of diversity and equality. Our goal is to make the industry a more welcoming place for everyone who chooses to consume or work in insurance.

Together We Will Create Accountability and Action in the Insurance Industry

Share Your Story with Insure Equality

We collect stories and data from real insurance employees to establish insight into industry trends.

Companies can sign an equality pledge with Insure Equality

Take the IE Pledge and show your commitment to equity and an open culture at your company.

Rate your insurance company with Insure Equality and MedusaScore
Online Rater

Introducing an online rater, phoenix, that creates accountability and data for companies and consumers.

Obtain a certification with Insure Equality and Speakfully

Evaluate your current culture, create action plans to improve online rating (including the phoenix).

Resources for employees and employers in the insurance industry

We continuously compile a library of resources specific to the insurance industry.  Do a self-check on culture, learn from experts, and more.

Collaborate with IE to make a bigger impact on equity

Join our community to get involved, interact with others, and take advantage of learning more about how you can drive change in the industry starting with your voice.

Insure Equality Research

We are partnering with research experts to co-develop data that fills the gaps on incident reporting, attrition, and diversity in the insurance industry.

Funding provided by Insure Equality

Eventually, Insure Equality will be able to fund programs that provide solutions for diversity and inclusion, help to prevent future incidents, and aid employees that are working through one.


Insure Equality lifts up voices that are typically excluded or minimized while recognizing insurance companies that have a diverse and inclusive company culture.

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