Why I Signed the IE Pledge

by Rachel Butler at EK Agency in Cincinnati, OH

I was connected to Elisa Stampf through InsureWomen. I saw Elisa’s pride flag on her LinkedIn profile, I immediately thought it was admirable of her for being bold and unafraid, especially in the typically conservative world of insurance. I clicked to find out more about Elisa’s company and thought what they were doing was really cool, so I messaged her.

Soon after Elisa and I connected for a web meeting and I was drawn to her mission of making the world a better place. During our conversation, I was reminded of my own story.

Rachel’s Story

While working at a different agency in 2001, which was the time of the Cincinnati riots – I had racial slurs directed at my family by co-workers. This isn’t something I bring up often as I don’t like to live in the past, and I believe in moving forward. As humans, we can all strive to move forward and be better.

I signed the pledge because I want to be a safe-haven. I want to be inclusive, welcoming, take action when needed, and hold people and organizations accountable when inequalities occur. I want to be part of making our world more knowledgeable, loving, and accepting!

EK Agency and InsureWomen are both IE Pledge Signers. To join both of them, sign the IE pledge here.

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