Why I Believe in IE – Lindsey Strong

Most people end up in insurance accidentally. Many times spending decades working their way through the ranks, leaning heavily into insurance education. We are personally and professionally invested in an industry that often does not return the same respect. This makes it even harder as professionals reconsidering their careers and are faced with the question “What do I do now?”. Taking that same experience and investment and pivoting to another industry isn’t always an option. Throwing it away to start over often means large salary decreases and demotions, which if you’re supporting a family aren’t always viable. Many don’t have degrees to fall back on.

We are forced to believe that this is our only option. Put up & shut up.

I have personally lived through it for 20+ years. I was very lucky to have had a mentor take me under her wing in my early years and essentially teach me how to “survive”. That sentence alone is why I believe in Insure Equality. No person should have to be taught survival skills for an office job. No one person should have to retrospectively relive each of their own experiences and wonder how they could have changed what had been done to them.

Every person deserves equal and fair treatment in the workplace. No exceptions. Insure Equality embodies everything that I wish I had done. Surface the issues. Make businesses accountable. Create equity. Make this an industry that I would want my daughter to be a part of.


To share your story or why you believe in Insure Equality, visit our website: https://insureequality.org/take-action-individual/share-your-story/