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Imposter Syndrome: The Latest Shared Story with IE

By meghanbeachlang | February 15, 2022

Often it is the most fleeting of words that hold the most significant power. Imposter syndrome often runs rampant among high achieving individuals and can be evoked from intentional or the seemingly most innocent of moments. Imposter syndrome is the feeling that you will be called out as a fraud and that you are not … Read more

Our top eight goals to celebrate Black history in 2022

By meghanbeachlang | February 1, 2022

Today, as we celebrate the first day of Black History Month, we want to make something very clear. Our commitment to racial equity in the workplace is year-round, 365 days a year, not just for publicity’s sake one month a year. We also strongly feel that Black History Month is meant to honor brave actions … Read more

The dangers of workplace assumptions

Innocent Assumptions: New Shared Story to IE

By meghanbeachlang | January 17, 2022

I can’t believe it’s my first big conference where I am a Keynote Speaker at the event. A stranger approaches me as I internally build my sense of worth (yes, you belong here, and yes, you have something to give these business owners). I take a quick sip of my drink because cold networking always … Read more

Where are the Women Executives in Insurance? – Misha Bleymaier-Farrish

By stampfe | December 6, 2021

Current State According to S&P Global Market Intelligence’s website, “Approximately 21.4% of executives and officers at the large insurers that trade on the NYSE or Nasdaq are women.”  That same article states that there are only seven female CEOs in the US insurance industry—seven.  Think about those numbers compared to the percentage of women in … Read more

Why I Believe in IE – Lindsey Strong

By stampfe | November 22, 2021

Most people end up in insurance accidentally. Many times spending decades working their way through the ranks, leaning heavily into insurance education. We are personally and professionally invested in an industry that often does not return the same respect. This makes it even harder as professionals reconsidering their careers and are faced with the question … Read more

Putting up with It – IE Storyteller

By stampfe | November 19, 2021

My second job in insurance was at a brokerage/MGA and I wanted to do well, of course. Our office was taken over by another about 8-12 months into my time there, and the new manager interviewed each of us privately. This new manager was on his laptop the entire time he talked to me, saying … Read more

Happy Veterans Day from a Military Brat

By stampfe | November 11, 2021

I am a military brat, through and through. I grew up in a conservative household, had the American flag swimsuit, and played dress-up with my parents’ BDUs (battle dress uniforms). Eventually, my sister joined the military. There was a sense of pride that she carried on the family tradition. But growing up there was always … Read more

How Your Clients & Business Relationships Affect Workplace Discrimination & Harassment

By stampfe | November 10, 2021

This post focuses on the fourth tenet of the Pledge: We commit to removing relationships and cutting contracts with companies that perpetuate harm. The Pledge – We commit to: Cultivating an open and inclusive culture for employees to feel comfortable coming forward when an incident occurs. Believing the person coming forward, investigating the incident, and … Read more

Why NDAs for Workplace Discrimination or Harassment Harm More Than Help

By stampfe | November 10, 2021

This post focuses on the third tenet of the pledge: We commit to not forcing or mandating silence or confidentiality for the person coming forward. The Pledge – We commit to: Cultivating an open and inclusive culture for employees to feel comfortable coming forward when an incident occurs Believing the person coming forward, investigating the … Read more

How to Handle Incident Reporting & Outcomes

By stampfe | November 8, 2021

This post focuses on the second tenet of the Pledge: We commit to believing the person coming forward, investigating the incident, and taking appropriate disciplinary action based on the findings. The Pledge – We commit to: Cultivating an open and inclusive culture for employees to feel comfortable coming forward when an incident occurs. Believing the … Read more

Letters and/or Emails to Send to Your Company or Insurance Provider

Sample email to start the conversation around equity in the workplace and IE's Pledge. Use the next four emails in succession for a power pitch.

Sample email or letter describing the first tenant of IE's Pledge - culture. Send this email after the starter email to begin your internal campaign.

Sample email or letter describing the second tenant of IE's Pledge - incident reporting. Set a timeline between emails for impact.

Sample email or letter describing the third tenant of IE's Pledge - confidentiality. Remember to add your own ideas too!

Sample email or letter describing the fourth tenant of IE's Pledge - partnerships. Follow up with your own call to action.

Sample Petition Email - Start a petition in your workplace to sign The Pledge. Use this email as an internal conversation starter.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Resources

Lead at Any Level

IE has partnered with Lead at Any Level to provide an online learning platform that offers skill-building resources, workshops, and coursework for inclusive leaders at any professional level. Work at your own pace, anytime, from your computer, phone, or tablet. Learn skills such as providing constructive feedback, creating learning cultures, hiring beyond bias, building strong professional networks online, and more. Earn Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM Certification Program (SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®) and Affiliate Rewards as you go. We've listed a few sample courses to the right. To see the full coursework, click below.

Professional Development & Team Alignment Coaching

Take a Strategic Look at Yourself or Your Team

Look critically at who you've become through your past successes and identify what that means about where you are headed. Focus on your strengths, weaknesses, self awareness, current and future goals with these individual professional development coaching resources and classes. The goal is to build a plan for you to reach your full potential as your true self.

Alignment Ally also helps teams come together in a workshop setting to deep dive into their dynamics, communication, recognition, and goal setting.

Translation Services to Increase Accessibility

  • Utilize certified translators that are qualified in more than 170 languages (including American Sign Language, ASL) for your marketing, education, prospecting, and customer service needs
  • Outsource staffing to expand your client service capabilities
  • Simplify and amplify your recruiting process

See the unique services Akorbi is offering Insure Equality supporters by clicking below, or view and print a PDF of the offering by clicking here.

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Language Services to Insure Equality

Filing a Complaint & Other Government Resources

If you feel you have been subjected to unlawful discrimination or harassment and are not satisfied with your company's response, or do not have a trusted human resources pathway, you may file a complaint and find more resources below. We have listed both national and state specific government sites geared toward your civil rights and disability protections.

Resources provided by Insure Equality

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