Q&A with Our Latest IE Pledge Signer: MCJ Partners

Recently, we sat down with Mary Clare McGraw, CIC, Co-Founder at MCJ Partners to get the inside scoop into her company and reasons for signing The IE Pledge.

Why did you sign the IE Pledge?

I signed the pledge because our mission is to help insurance agencies create operations awareness and cultivate happiness and that cannot happen without a steadfast commitment to support and protect the people within the organizations. Processes and technology should be supporting the people in an agency, and we have a commitment to work with organizations that recognize this and walk the walk when it comes to valuing transparency and accountability both professionally and personally.

What do you want others to know about your company?

MCJ Partners is a boutique consultancy focused on helping independent P&C agents create operations awareness and cultivate happiness. We use a unique approach to help agents document their operational structure and create a playbook to guide their organization and help them grow mindfully and operate intentionally.

What do you love about the insurance industry?

I love how diverse the landscape is for independent agents across the whole country. There are thousands of small to mid-sized agencies helping their local communities and all are unique and serve such an important need.

What would you change about the insurance industry?

I wish there was more simplicity in the way agencies are managed so time and efforts are focused on the development of people and building of relationships as opposed to the siloed approach many agencies have when it comes to servicing books of business. They are the agencies clients and they are served better when everyone at the agency works consistently, they are not each CSR or Account Managers clients and they should not be left to their own devices to manage how they service. It takes a lot of effort to unify an agency’s operations. At MCJ, we say, Challenge Accepted!

Where can people connect with you?

Connect with Mary Clare McGraw on LinkedIn or visit our website at mcj.partners.

Learn more about the IE Pledge by clicking here.