PRESS RELEASE: Technology Non-Profit Creating Change and Cultural Shift in Insurance Industry


Introducing a new nonprofit aimed to change corporate culture to one that focuses on people, not just profits in the insurance industry.

Chicago, IL, November 3, 2021 – Insure Equality (IE) rolls out Phase One of its strategic plan on November 8, 2021, starting with the launch of its website,, and social media platforms. Phase One is about collecting and sharing stories from across the industry and asking companies to sign an accountability pledge. 

Individuals can anonymously share their stories, donate towards the cause, and volunteer to build awareness. The hope is to shed light on stories that go untold and begin a conversation addressing these stories. According to co-founder and CEO Elisa Stampf, “We’ve talked with scores of individuals countrywide within our industry. What we’re finding is that most people feel their negative experience is unique. But, as we continue conversations, repeated variations of these same behaviors continue to pop up. This is what we’re looking to change.” IE will take these stories and compile data to use with partnering research companies. At IE, participants are the driving factor in where funding and resources are spent.

Carriers, insurance agencies, and Insurtech companies that care about creating and fostering a culture of equality and accountability can show their commitment by taking the Insure Equality pledge. The pledge is a public declaration of the company’s dedication to an open and inclusive work environment.

Phases Two and Three are slotted for Q1 and Q2 2022 and will focus on “action items” that every company in the industry can take, regardless of size. A rating platform based on the culture of business and a certificate program that allows companies to evaluate the current state of their culture will be introduced. 

The insurance industry is facing a talent shortage, and IE believes that now is the time to make changes in order to attract employees. In their words, “Every individual deserves a chance in this industry to work, advance, and lead.”

IE’s mission is to hold the insurance industry accountable, provide resources, lift the voices that are typically excluded or minimized, and elevate companies that successfully maintain the key components of an open and inclusive culture. IE creates cultural change by focusing on small behaviors to create a significant and lasting impact. It seeks to develop and enforce accountability in the industry in the pursuit of equity and diversity. 

To learn more and engage with Insure Equality, visit their website:

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