PRESS RELEASE: Insure Equality announces newest Pledge Signer – Gamma Iota Sigma


Chicago, IL March 1, 2022 – Insure Equality (IE) announces its newest pledge signer, Gamma Iota Sigma. IE’s mission is to uplift the voices in the industry that are typically excluded or minimized, and Gamma Iota Sigma “leads the sustainable growth and diversification of the insurance industry’s student talent pipeline across all functional areas.” 

Both entities share enthusiasm for creating change in the insurance industry and shared their thoughts about the announcement:

“Inequities have always existed, and will continue to exist. That is why it is extremely important for Gamma Iota Sigma members and leaders to keep an open-mind and make all members feel welcomed in this organization. By signing The Pledge, GIS takes another important step in establishing a strong inclusive foundation.” – Nethra Subramanian, Chair, GammaSAID Student Council and member of the Gamma Zeta Chapter at The University of Austin at Texas

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are ingrained in every aspect of Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS). Through intentional programming, resources, and opportunities, GIS is committed to supporting students from a variety of backgrounds while showcasing the vast opportunities available across the industry. With 40% of GIS’s membership base from underrepresented populations, a commitment to equity is paramount in effectively supporting and preparing the insurance industry’s collegiate talent pipeline for success in the industry. We are proud to collaborate with Insure Equality as together we seek to create and enforce accountability across the insurance industry in pursuit of diversity and equality.” – Grace Grant, Executive Director, Gamma Iota Sigma

“The decision to sign Insure Equality’s Pledge was an easy one for Gamma Iota Sigma. By making this public declaration, GIS continues to demonstrate to incoming industry leaders that they matter, we hear their voices, and we are committed to continued improvements in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the insurance industry.” – George Trice, Chair, GammaSAID Industry Council, and Sr. Business Consultant, Nationwide Insurance

“We are thrilled to announce the pledge commitment from Gamma Iota Sigma. We connected with GIS through a mutual connection in the insurance space, and after only one conversation, the synergy was too strong to ignore. Gamma Iota Sigma focuses on “Shaping the Industry’s Future Through Talent.” We focus on making sure the industry welcomes that talent with open arms. We have many dreams and ambitions for this collaboration and are excited to watch it unfold. What better way to change the industry than listening to those who inherit it. Thank you to Gamma Iota Sigma for stepping up and showing up for the insurance industry in a big way. We’re honored to partner with you.” – Elisa Stampf, CEO & Co-Founder of Insure Equality

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