Happy Veterans Day from a Military Brat

My sister Laura in Turkey

I am a military brat, through and through. I grew up in a conservative household, had the American flag swimsuit, and played dress-up with my parents’ BDUs (battle dress uniforms).

Eventually, my sister joined the military. There was a sense of pride that she carried on the family tradition. But growing up there was always this sense that you were either for people or for the military. Now that we’re older, I believe both ideas can be fundamental – and should be. You can love and support your troops and everyone else around you.

I watched my sister climb the ranks, enter the field of social work, and support others at the VA on the east coast. The recurring theme of our conversations is people. We watched our father suffer through PTSD before it was well known and diagnosed, and we watched the families around us suffer when we grew up on food stamps. How do we make it better for everyone?

Being a military brat gave me a profound sense of love and community, which I still carry with me. I’m so proud and grateful to be attached to incredible veterans and the community with IE.

Each member of our executive team is blessed to be related to exceptional individuals that have worn our country’s uniform. Today we honor them, thank them for their service, and remind ourselves that we can all play our part.

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On this Veterans Day, I want to take a moment to reflect and give thanks to those that have paid the ultimate price. I am incredibly grateful for my family that reminds me what it means to stand up for your beliefs.

Speaking with our veterans reminds me they have stories to tell too. We at IE know what it means to tell your story and to feel heard. Join our community as a veteran or civilian on our website.

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Happy Veterans Day!

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