Our top eight goals to celebrate Black history in 2022

Today, as we celebrate the first day of Black History Month, we want to make something very clear. Our commitment to racial equity in the workplace is year-round, 365 days a year, not just for publicity’s sake one month a year. We also strongly feel that Black History Month is meant to honor brave actions … Read more

Why NDAs for Workplace Discrimination or Harassment Harm More Than Help

This post focuses on the third tenet of the pledge: We commit to not forcing or mandating silence or confidentiality for the person coming forward. The Pledge – We commit to: Cultivating an open and inclusive culture for employees to feel comfortable coming forward when an incident occurs Believing the person coming forward, investigating the … Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Technology Non-Profit Creating Change and Cultural Shift in Insurance Industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Introducing a new nonprofit aimed to change corporate culture to one that focuses on people, not just profits in the insurance industry. Chicago, IL, November 3, 2021 – Insure Equality (IE) rolls out Phase One of its strategic plan on November 8, 2021, starting with the launch of its website, insureequality.org, and … Read more